Saturday, September 22, 2012


 lamb 4
Lamb's Canyon

Melissa has been so good at planning weekly hikes this summer and this week she suggested Lamb's Canyon for a Friday evening sunset hike. We brought our headlamps, our jackets, some water, and we had a 4 mile round trip hike that was full-on Fall the entire way. We stopped every once in awhile at an extra spectacular turn and couldn't believe what we were looking at was real. Once we hit the top it was so sunsetty and romantic. We took pictures, gave a little "gooooo lamb's" cheer and went back down. It got dark fast so we were all glad for the head lamps. 
Utah, guys, Utah. It's the prettiest ever.


Egan Metcalf said...

yeah buddy!

Kristine said...

utah is so pretty this time of year! what a perfect hike to enjoy the beauty!
ya'll looking real good too!