Thursday, July 31, 2008

to die for

Dr. Martins...These have been catching my eye for awhile and I fantasize about splurging on a pair of purple or distressed grey boots. If you think 90's grunge isn't coming back think again.
Lykke Li...Swedish singer making all the heads turn. and that face!!!!!
Cardigan...saw this Jcrew number yesterday and I've been dreaming about it ever since. It is so soft and it can be worn with EVERYTHING!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I see the light...

First School Picture (kindergarten 1990)

I've been going to college since 2003. Every summer/fall semester I've been enrolled and every winter semester I've been out in California or Washington earning some money. I have not once changed my major of Elementary Education, but I took enough random classes to keep me here an extra year. I even traveled to Europe for a month and had the time of my life. I've lived in Barnes Hall, Birchwood II, Brookside Village, and Bristol Manor. I've taken over 140 credits, so even if I wasn't actually graduating they'd be kicking me out of school. I've made so many good friends I can't begin to count. And most importantly, I've experienced single-hood to it's fullest...having some of the best times of my life...mostly all while in Rexburg, Idaho...go figure. I'm gonna really miss this place, a "bubble" that has been a safety net for a short period of my life. Going to a church/private school has enriched my life by strengthening what I believe in and aquainting me with professors and friends that build me up. My last final was taken, my books are returned ($145), cap and gown picked up, parents are driving right now to meet me for graduation I'm seeing the light of what had seemed like a long tunnel. Ahead of me is Salt Lake City, Utah where I will be student teaching in a 1st grade classroom. What's next after that, I don't know. The dark mysterious looming future of my life. Maybe it's just another tunnel, but for the first time I get to decide where that tunnel goes.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Music Therapy

i've been rotating them regularly since purchase. Check em out.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

this is summer....

Such a nice boat.
I love Sarah!
Michelle was a pro!
Heading out to Ririe Reservoir
Me and Sarah boatin it up!
First time Wakeboarding!!! It was a blast.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Corine's Planetarium Party

Corine had a birthday this weekend so her husband and us girls at Bristol Manor threw her a suprise party. She wanted a planetarium party, but since the planetarium is closed this summer we brought the planetarium to her. We covered our walls with black paper and white dots and had everyone that came wear all black. It was magical. I loved the theme and it really looked cool. Hard to capture on camera, but atleast my pretty friends make up for it!

B-Bop, Prudance, Pickle Willow

Happy Birthday Dearest Prudance,
You are one of a kind.
My absolute favorite party animal!
You're mystical, magical, and aerodynamic.
You never cease to amaze me.

It's BETHANY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Visit her at her blog.... it's a Sassy Experience

Did I mention that she has a talent for giving pet names?

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Blog SHOUT OUT!!!!!

Maggie, my friend and roommate has a blog that would knock your socks off. She is witty, hilarious, and unexpected. If you don't know her personally you're missing out...she is beautiful, spiritual, fun, spontaneous, daring, kind, smart, consistent, well-rounded...on and on. Yesterday while in Idaho Falls, Idaho while hanging out with friends before the July 4th fireworks show she was introduced to an avid reader of her blog. This individual declared herself as her number 1 fan. Flattering as I was for Maggie, I'm gonna have to burst her bubble......

check 'er out...