Friday, October 30, 2009

10.09 Music To My Ears

It's a new thing...a monthly play list. It's more for me than you, and for my posterity to hear what jams I listened to. I'd pay to have all my ancestor's play lists. Wouldn't you?

1. Hey Marseilles-To Travels and Trunks (new fav Seattle band)
2. Elton John- Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters
3. Joshua James- Daniel
4. Old Crow Medicine Show- Caroline
5. Devendra Banhart-Baby
6. Iron & Wine- Flightless Bird American Mouth
7. The Swell Season- Low Rising
8. Dead Man's Bones- PaPaPower via Jonk Music
9. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down- Know Better Learn Faster
10. Volcano Choir- Still
11. Yeasayer -Ambling Alp
12. Alexi Murdoch- Orange Sky

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My nephew, Tanner James, was baptized on Saturday. I am so proud of Tanner. I was impressed by the speakers and their simple, but truthful and powerful message about our life and what baptism means.

Dead Diner

My sisters have a Spooky Dinner tradition with their kids. I'm glad I could partake this year.
Frankenstein Brains
Mummy Mash
Boo Poo (I forget if that was on the menu, should've been)
Pumpkin Blood
Graveyard Goop
you get the idea.
The kids order off the menu and they get a kick out of it.
I do too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

it's better this way

Sundays are for walks

and parks
and sunny afternoons
and tag with Grandpa
and pretty views
and cute girls
and ocean breeze
and hip bumps
and nesting in trees
and father and sons
and sisterly love

and group huddles
california october 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

out of town

I'm on my first break from school. 3 weeks.

The agenda:
Laguna Niguel, California for Tanner's baptisim, lots of loving to the Bourne family, plenty of soaking in 80 degree beautiful sun, shopping, and rubbing of Jen's pregnant belly.

Seattle, Washington for Mom and Dad time, eating at my fav Seattle spots, thrifting at my fav Seattle thrift shops, a day trip to Portland, Oregon with a visit to the Nike campus, and copious amount of r and r.
We miss you Kristine and B&L family!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

newest additions

Kristine came to visit me on Friday (okay, I bribed her with pumpkin fro yo from Maverick ---which deserves a whole new post for later---but she helped out a ton and I needed it)!
She let me boss her around and she snapped some pictures along the way.
bulletin board addition: a.k.a this took 2 seconds to put up!
newest addition: warm fuzzies. Thank you President Monson.
My favorite is when they come to me and say "Bobby* tied my shoe"
and I say "and how did that make you feel?"
response: "it made my heart warm and fuzzy"
gets me every time cause it's so funny.
Pattern Bugs addition: ab, abc, abcd, abba...remember??
Carmel apple at Garderner's village afterwards. always the right decision.

*not a real name, I's someone's name...obviously...just not one of my students. phew, glad we got that cleared up.

dearest saylor and brooklyn,

Yes I'll take you on a date.
Thanks for asking.
Can you believe I'll be down in 4ish days?
love you two--- to the moon.
p.s. Jordan---I wish you were going to be here for our girl date too.
Quinn and Elise---don't go to Disneyland---stay and date with us!
images from Dave (i'd link you, but you need a blog first...hint)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

milk maid

tried this.
i think i want to be a milk maid when i grow up.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

unrelated elation

top-of-the-charts people

slam dunk song

sometimes I do the right thing...

...and the right thing to do last night was see Old Crow Medicine Show at The Depot here in Salt Lake City.
We got to the show and I realized I had left my I.D. at home and my besties didn't even roll their eyes about having to drive back to get it.
We made it to the show 15 minutes or so after their first set started. Lucky for us they were playing two TWO sets.
Reasons to be obsessed:
1. I don't think I've seen anyone rock harder
2. They did their homework on Utah. Throwing in comments about Moab, Price, Wasatch, S.L.C., Deseret and on. It was great.
3. Nicest crowd I've been in. We had great front and center spots and didn't even have to do the heisman shuffle to get them.
4. A girl fight broke out (I know!!!! might seem contradictory to #3) and during the calmest, slowest song. The guy next to us says "I thought we were all in this together?" I did too, tall dark and handsome man, I did too.
5. No opening band, no long waits, no smoke in my face, no spilt beer on my clothes, a whiff or too of the marijuana---but that's "concert smell" right?
6. Listen to Wagon Wheel, Tell It to Me, and Caroline immediately
7. See them LIVE and in a small venue.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

nom nom nom

has eating food ever looked cuter?

MFR (Metcalf Family Reunion) 2009
Seattle, WA
tin foil dinners and scones in the backyard

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

real life

are you scared of my parents homemade scarecrow? I am too, I am too.
Thank you Saylor for getting Cannon out of there.
Someone is gonna break a leg.
There are way too many skinny limbs in this picture to count.
Brooklyn, do you even realize what is going on? And what on earth are you walking on? I think she is tight roping the garden hose.
If his back breaks, Teague, so help me.
I mean really, I didn't know a body could twist that way. I'm afraid my Dad didn't either.
They just attack.
And he just lets them.
He might even love it.

It's just...'s just the kind of Grandpa my Dad is.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dancing with a Ghost

Ghost Hunting 101 class at the UofU.
Flashlight, camera, and a tape recorder are necessary.
Sounds pretty tops huh.

Well on Saturday night my friends danced like Ghosts.
It's like there is paranormal activity at 1801 south or something.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get a load

Hey Kristine,
I was uploading dusty pictures from my camera when I came across this one:
I was just about to yell "Hey Kristine, look how dark your hair looks in this picture!!!" when I realized it was me!
We are twins some days I guess.xoxo

poach em

Poached Egg
Turkey Bacon
General Conference

I'm straight up gaga over these egg poachers my mom sent me. They are the tops.
7 minutes in these silicone cups and you've got yourself an egg breakfast. (and without the mess)