Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dead Diner

My sisters have a Spooky Dinner tradition with their kids. I'm glad I could partake this year.
Frankenstein Brains
Mummy Mash
Boo Poo (I forget if that was on the menu, should've been)
Pumpkin Blood
Graveyard Goop
you get the idea.
The kids order off the menu and they get a kick out of it.
I do too!


em said...

that was fun. especially when you tried to cackle!

Kristine said...

ah. dang. i wanted to be party of the halloween dinner. favorite part of halloween. and those kids...take it so seriously.

K8 said...

great pics jane. what a fun tradition. I'll have to pick that one up. I just need to figure out what boo poo is! glad you could be there for the dead dinner!

Kylie said...