Monday, October 5, 2009

Dancing with a Ghost

Ghost Hunting 101 class at the UofU.
Flashlight, camera, and a tape recorder are necessary.
Sounds pretty tops huh.

Well on Saturday night my friends danced like Ghosts.
It's like there is paranormal activity at 1801 south or something.


K8 said...

lol. love it jane.

julieb said...

ok, i am dying to take that class. please tell me your in it. ok dont. i will be too jealous to ever talk to you again. i just really love creepy scary places, and being scared. and secretly want to see a ghost, but not really. find one for me?

Laura Hendricks said...

here in VA they are huge on ghosts and this place being haunted. because of the civil war battle fields. we are going crazy over it. in a good way. ghost and haunted house tours, ghost story telling at the library, REAL stories. love it