Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No! No! noTOR e ous

B.Stone told me about this slam dunk. Notorious meets the XX.
My fave: Juicy-r

Monday, March 29, 2010

wait, but guys, seriously

i want this suit

aw maaaan

Missy, Kristine, Maggie, and I were just talking about Easter dresses today.
We loved those days of getting a new dress.
And I want this one!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

it might get awesome

Peep Show

Kristine and I attempted our families Easter traditional Bunny Rolls sans sprinkles. They were tasty, but didn't live up to my Mom's.

Ali makes these marshmallow rice krispy treatsies. We request them every time.

I was egg hider.

ew, our yard. but Maggie is a real eye catcher

We had an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday afternoon.
It was a real hunt.
The weather was ideal for Spring in Utah.
We also hid one gold egg and one silver egg.
The lucky finder of the silver egg received $3!!!!
And the gold....$9 (a 5 and 4 wrinkly 1's)!!!!!
Thanks for hunting guys!

open wide, i know you're thirsty

Missy had a birthday!
Hey Kristine---party hats are my favorite

We went to dinner in Scottsdale (who knew Scottsdale had a night life?) and ate at AZ 88
It was the strangest place. Super trendy and surprising. There were so many elements that made this place unique, but maybe too far reaching. The art was contemporary, the food was pretty good---but presented very artistically, the prices were average, and the people---well they didn't necessarily fit the setting.

Phoenix, AZ

Saturday, March 27, 2010

carmelo anthony

Kristine was determined we go to Smeeks while we were in PHX.
It was good. Carmelo Anthony good.
The caramels were the best I've ever had.
We were geeking, if that wasn't obvi enough.

Phoenix, Arizona

Friday, March 26, 2010

breakfast on the blue

We started Missy's birthday/Saturday off doing Camel Back hike. It was a great, lots of people traffic, and a 360 view of Phoenix.

New aspiration: Eat breakfast poolside as much as possible
(esp. when involving banana pancakes)

Phoenix, AZ