Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you ain't seen nothing yet

We started Friday off with brunch lunch at Arcadia Farms. The farm fresh dishes were a win.
It felt right being with the honeys on a sunny morning eating good food. It's just right.
Heyz honeys, next time let's catch breakfast, I bet it's a knockout.

More Phoenix to come, you ain't seen nothing yet


maggie said...

copy/paste! Now it makes sense.

Kristine said...

that second to last picture is so awkward. ha. and we're so pale.

We must go back there. Best meal in AZ!

Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

You all look gorgeous! Love the colorful outfits and you are all so pretty:) I miss the sun.

Ali said...

such good food.

that first pic is a winner of me.