Monday, December 22, 2008

Music Monday 14

I should have music-mondayed about these guys this summer when I started listening to them. But, with no further adieu... Cold War Kids. I don't know how to describe their sound. It's exciting and there is something demanding about it. Nathan Willett's voice is, I think, a little unconventional...the type of music that would be great to see live. Foot stomping, head nodding.
I don't belive I've expressed my love of Take Away Shows on my blog. Maybe I'll blog more on that later. But Oh boy do I love Take Away Shows. They are one of my top favorite discoveries of 2008. On one of my browsings on blogtheque I found a fantastic Cold War Kids video, when they sing Saint John I am smitten. I believe this ignited the fire for me with Cold War Kids. Songs to check out: "Hospital Beds", "We Used To Vacation", "Saint John", "Hang Me Up To Dry", and "I've Seen Enough"

Cheers to Cold War Kids and Take Away Shows

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Snowier, Snowiest

-Church Cancelled
-No makeup
-Watched: * Three Amigos * Bishop's Wife * Some Jodi Foster movie
-Took a family walk in the snow
-helped my mom shovel the driveway
-Made two headbands {to blog about later}
-Packed for Utah
-homemade popcorn (obviously)
-hot chocolate (of course)

What a day!

{TIP} Try Williams & Sonoma Mullings Spices and make the Spiced Hot Chocolate. Very VERY Good!

Found this picture while browsing around again. Can't get any cuter than this? Am I right or am I right?

Friday, December 19, 2008

{Cool meets Awesome}

We discovered a Photobooth, a real old school photobooth, just down the street from us and WE COULDN'T RESIST. Most likely we'll be back every day till we leave for Christmas. It's just too much fun.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"caught my breath upon the hill, at the edge of the domain"

I had some fun looking at FFFFOUND yesterday and thought I'd share some eye candy. My next purchase will be that Work Hard and Be nice to people poster. I just love it.

We are snowed in here. Seattle got hit hard. So I am cozying up by the fire watching Mircacle on 34th Street, followed by Muppet Christmas Carol.

In other exciting news: I signed up for a Photoshop 101 class. I am very very excited. Starts in January. Can't wait to share what I learn.

Oh! And Dangerous Minds was on T.V. yesterday. I remember that movie came out in 6th grade or something and I wasn't aloud to see it but all my friends could and it was THE movie. Not gonna a little choked up. It's the teacher in me. Changing lives, Minds for molding, Teaching life values. The soundtrack is awesome times 10 too!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Music Monday 14 & Other Bizzzz

I've been overwhelmed with the Best of 2008 lists popping up everywhere. I really enjoy seeing what albums are repeatedly put on the lists. My favorite ones to look at are the lists with explantions for why they make it. This has got me excited for some Itunes purchases. I only get my music from Itunes and occasionally some mixes from friends. But I always have a load of albums I need to buy but no money to buy them with. So with that issue I want to be sure that I'll enjoy the purchase. Well...Hallelujah...I found a great solution. Grooveshark. It's perfect for me because I can make a playlist and listen to the entire song and even the entire album before I decide it's worth it. Try it Out! It's free!

For Music Monday this week I'd like to give a Shout Out to the Scots with their beloved Camera Obscura. There is nothing fancy about there's just beautiful voices with simple beats. I keep going back to "Loyd, I'm ready to be Heartbroken," "Pen & Notebook," "Lets Get Out Of This Country," and "Before You Cry." They are just easy to listen to and a must have in your collection.

In other Bizzzz
Amelie was on T.V. this weekend. What a treat. I fell in love all over again with Audrey Tautou and that movie. She really just rubs in her cute short hair doesn't she. I watched The Holiday this weekend and was reminded again how adorable short hair is on Shannyn Sossamon. Okay so maybe my hair is driving me nuts lately, but I'm keeping the long locks for a little longer. Till then I'll look longingly at these pictures!

Shannyn Sossamon

Audrey Tautou

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Book Type

I read this the other day and I just had to share. The article talks about a boy who fell in love with a girl after looking at her bookcase. They end up getting married two years later. It just makes so much sense when you think about it. I'm such a snoop when I'm in someone's home/apartment. Who isn't? A bookcase, A C.D. display, A movie case...they are all just screaming to be explored. To me, there is a lot to be said about someone by looking at any of the said three (books, movies, music). Not saying you have to be a snob about it, but such media shows a well-roundedness about an individual, makes someone more interesting.

(maybe I have this pin, and maybe I have this pin...just sayin)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Music Monday 13 & A Few Good Men...

This happens to be a very fitting day to do Music Monday because in the mail today was 4 GLORIOUS mixes from my friend Livi AND I got my giveaway prize from Whale In A Cubicle: The Dears 7" single.

>Music Monday<
This week I decided to feature Taken By Trees
which is a solo project by Swedish singer Victoria Bergsman (I must have a thing for the Swedes). There is something about her voice that is so entrancing. You might recognize her pipes from that catchy Peter Bjorn and John song "Young Folks." Listen to "Lost and Found" on the album Open Field. This on one of those perfect along songs. You know...when you're driving in your car at night or walking alone downtown. this is the song that will make you feel warm and smile. >A Few Good Men<

That would be the adorable gingerbread men that Teen and I made yesterday. We were feeling all sorts of Christmas. A little Amy Grant in the background and some ginger to fill our noses, it was yum.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Benson & Botanical Gardens

My brother came into town for the day on Monday. It was great, we shopped downtown, had some Red Mango (yum), ate Pike Place salmon, and went to the Botanical Gardens in Bellevue. The Botanical Gardens had been transformed into a light show and was now lighting up a variety of beautiful plants and flowers. Very neat.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Music Monday 13 and Thanksgiving Weekend

>Music Monday 13<
I know Jens Lekman is so 2007, but I think he is great. I was reminded of his greatness while shopping in Anthropologie today and I can't believe I haven't featured him on Music Monday. So many artists, so few Mondays. A year ago I was hooked on his South by Southwest concert on Npr. Jens is a Swedish indie pop artist with clever, funny lyrics. Some of my favorite songs are "The Opposite of Hallelujah" and "Postcard to Nina."
>Thanksgiving Weekend<
We took some wonderful walks, played some Balderdash, ate glorious food, laughed our heads off watching home videos, and started some craftings! {blog post to come} Egan brought her polaroid.Apple Tart Pie!Place Setting. It looks like it was snowing, it wasn't.


So glad Egan came up for the Holiday.