Thursday, December 18, 2008

"caught my breath upon the hill, at the edge of the domain"

I had some fun looking at FFFFOUND yesterday and thought I'd share some eye candy. My next purchase will be that Work Hard and Be nice to people poster. I just love it.

We are snowed in here. Seattle got hit hard. So I am cozying up by the fire watching Mircacle on 34th Street, followed by Muppet Christmas Carol.

In other exciting news: I signed up for a Photoshop 101 class. I am very very excited. Starts in January. Can't wait to share what I learn.

Oh! And Dangerous Minds was on T.V. yesterday. I remember that movie came out in 6th grade or something and I wasn't aloud to see it but all my friends could and it was THE movie. Not gonna a little choked up. It's the teacher in me. Changing lives, Minds for molding, Teaching life values. The soundtrack is awesome times 10 too!


Livi said...

Jane what a fun post! I love that you have blessed us all with another cool site. Also I think it is so cool that you are taking a photo class. Are you taking it through a University? We have snow here in Boise too and we never have SNOW! I am so excited for a white Christmas.

Annie P said...

I want to take that class too. Where is it?

The Roper's said...

Hey Jane . . . where are you taking your class at? I would love to take something like that! Hope all is well . . . every now and again I hear the students say "I wish Ms. Metcalf were here!" The other day a photo of you camee up of you on the screen saver and Aspen said, "At least we have a picture of her!"

I also have a copy of the ABC book out on my shelf and Cheyanne noticed it the other day. She said, "Ms. Metcalf left her book, now how will she remember us?" So funny! Oh and Braden flew up to Seattle to visit his Dad, maybe you could hook up with him! I am sure you are missing him! he he
Happy Holidays!