Monday, September 28, 2009

Arimo: then and now

Then (2008): Just graduated from BYU-Idaho. Driving in post-grad bliss when engine goes BOOM. Luckily for Arimo, Idaho and Sinclair gas station our 3 hours stuck was more like 3 hours gained of awesomeness. Thanks Guys.

Now (2009): Maggie and I on our way back from a day trip to Rexburg just happened to need gas at the same Sinclair we spent that lucky day about a year ago. We documented accordingly----self timer pictures are the tops.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


+My So-Called Life has taken over my life. thanks hulu.

+Teen has been gone TOO long and is having TOO much fun in California.

+Kakie makes me laugh every time.

+If Martha Stewart doesn't get me fired up for Fall, then no one will. I'm peeing pumpkins.

+Maggie and apples are my two favorite things this week. And for almost the same reason---they are sweet, and the perfect addition to anything. (ya mags---you're like so good I want to dip you in laughing cow cheese. deal.)

+Finally saw Food Inc. Thinking long and hard about living close enough to a farm where I can purchase free range chickens and eggs. Also garden like my mom. And never purchase Tyson chicken.

+Starting to miss the sunlight.
but I think it's a even trade when I get to look forward to wearing
and layers

went link happy. only sorry for myself.

photo by willard the great

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tour about

Teen came and surprised my class with a visit. They've never seen her before. They tripped.
She took lots of pictures.
Cleaned my desk.
Helped the kids with an art project.

Basically---I wish I could hire her to be my assistantInspired

I teach. I really teach.

Word Wall
Teeny also made that cute owl on my filing cabinet AND the banner.
Man, nothing like a shiny new pencil. Kids will do anything for this stuff.
I really hope none of my students have to get to red.

I feel so happy teaching. Fulfilling. Hard. Funny. Frustrating. Laborious.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

eeeezy E

Yesterday was her birthday.
She's pretty, smart, funny, talented, athletic, healthy, faithful, selfless, artistic...
How lucky am I to have her as an older sister?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Me. Me. Meeee. My. My. Myyyyy. Now. Noooow. Noooooow."

play it.
go on...

thank you Pogo.

Moonlight Delight

It happened.
I'm excited for fall.
I was resistant,
In fact a little grumpy about it.
But this weekend sealed the deal.
Sure, winter will come.
But fall is just so good.
the smell, the clothes, the food, the air, the trees, the holidays.

On Friday we went to Sundance to ride their Moonlight Lift.
It was beautiful.
Either Gard was one lucky man, or we were three lucky girls. Probably both.

Monday, September 7, 2009

hikety hike

I'm my ward's High Adventure co-chair.
This summer I've planned hikes in the Salt Lake area for Tuesday nights after work.
It's turned out to be a great success.
Utah is so beautiful. It is remarkable to have mountains and a number of hikes just minutes from the city.
This last Tuesday we hiked The Living Room.
It was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't believe the view. And it's just minutes from my house. It overlooks the Salt Lake Valley---spotted with green trees and a perfect grid city.

My Rockabilly girls,

this rockabilly tribute is for you*.

*Shauna and Sarah i'm talking to YOU

Sunday, September 6, 2009

couldn't stop

couldn't stop listening to this


couldn't stop eating this

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Somebody pinch me...

Yes. I'll see them live. yes I will.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

first order of business:

replacing my $4 backpack purse from D.I.
I love how this one is distressed looking, and not stiff or too bulky. Looks functional and comfortable to wear.
Yes, I think I love it.

This has enough color to be surprising, but simple enough to look sleek. Maybe it could be my Monday through Thursday back pack.

ok. i think this is the one. wait.
this is it:
now, if someone could read Japanese for me...

this site is the ultimate

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's like my mom says: "Never leave your purse visible in your car when you're on a hike"

too bad she said that AFTER the hike

window? shattered.
purse? stolen.
identity? Who am I?

same goes for Teen too. bummer sister.

it's real weird to be without money and a cellphone.
i'm really gonna miss that purse too.
and that wallet.
and that check book.
and my mini Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume
and my library card
not too worried about that license, horrific picture anyways.

besties are the best.

to be mentioned: the hike was amazing. stunning. brilliant.