Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's like my mom says: "Never leave your purse visible in your car when you're on a hike"

too bad she said that AFTER the hike

window? shattered.
purse? stolen.
identity? Who am I?

same goes for Teen too. bummer sister.

it's real weird to be without money and a cellphone.
i'm really gonna miss that purse too.
and that wallet.
and that check book.
and my mini Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume
and my library card
not too worried about that license, horrific picture anyways.

besties are the best.

to be mentioned: the hike was amazing. stunning. brilliant.


Kylie said...

my biggest pet peeves: thieves.

i am ever so sorry

em said...

never leave valuables in your car. or on your front door step.

ok that was a cheap shot.

sorry. i hope he turns out to be a nice thief and returns your stuff.

Laura Hendricks said...

nooooo. i'm sorry. what a joke.

Crandallions said...

people are so desperate and sad these days. I'm so sorry people are so mean!

Holly C M said...

Captain Obvious here. There are bad people that live--even in your town.