Monday, August 31, 2009

I'll tell ya, cause I think you should know:

that i miss you shauna

that this is a great song and reminds me of my mom. just found this Flaming Lips version. Still love you CSNY.

1st grade is the best. i'm not even lying when i say that i got the best class. i really did. and guess what??? i'm not tired yet. Hoooray. Busy, sure. But not tired.

that it's starting to smell like Fall.

and that's ok because, I'm getting in the mood to craft again.
and pumpkin stuff is great.

picture expertise done by the fine Willard Cron. I love that night. This video i'm still not sick of. "Turn the lights on" Thanks W.R.C.


shauna.m. said...

im freaking out and miss u too...what am i dong here?! come steal me away...

Holly C M said...

Jane, Thank you for that beautiful song--I love that song and i love that version of it. Beautiful. Speaking of Beautiful---that pic, my oh my!