Saturday, August 15, 2009


This week in highlights:

Finishing 1st season of Mad Men...onto number 2! I wish I could sweeten my voice up like that hot red head.

Yeasayer's Daytrotter session via Jonk. Here!
"Everybody's got the bomb, but if the need stays strong we're gonna dance til we're gone."
Oh how I love you Yeasayer.

Getting stuck in an elevator. Read accounts here and here. I'd like to do that again sometime.

Afternoons at the pool. Curses to summer ending.

Doing a dating panel at a boys ranch with my roommates. (or maybe it was when a 14 year old asked me to dance the Waltz with him. gush)


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kylie said...

so you and kimberly are the cutest most hip hottest cool teachers ever. if you were my teacher, i'd totally crush on you. so young and so fun. my mama is a 3rd grade teacher and so is spencer's mom! :)