Monday, August 3, 2009

Graceful in the Morning Light

Hiked Mount Timpanogas on Saturday.
This is the run down:
5:35 wake up
5:45 eat new favorite breakfast obsession {Ezekiel toast with PB and frosted flakes with fresh strawberries}
5:55 boys pick us up
7:15 arrive at parking lot and manage to make up a parking space in the over populated trail head
7:30 hike on
11:30ish reach top, realize we did not pack well (1 water bottle?? and a baggy of trail mix???--What were we thinking) Good thing our co-hikers were champs and had triscuts, pretzels, m&ms, turkey jerky galore!
3:15ish back at trail head tired, dirty, and sore

It was a gorgeous hike, the view wasn't even the impressive part. I had to remind myself to stop and look around while hiking because the mountains were spectacular. Lush green wildlife, blooming flowers, river beds, snow, and rocks.

Summer 2009 has thus proved to be full of outdoor adventure. Here, Here!


KM said...

ooohhh can you feel my envy vibers? I am jealous! Mt timp is one of my favorite hikes and yes, it's nice and long. I'm glad you survived on the rations of water and snacks you had. It's a long day, though.. so congrats on a great hike checked off!

The Strain's said...

bummer on the water bottle and snacks! Derek & Monica did some hike the other week in Ireland (i think...) and it was 12km and he told her she didnt need a water bottle because it wasnt too long! ooooops.....

Holly C M said...

great fun, cool photos.

julieb said...

this is totally on my list of things to do this summer. looks so so fun!