Monday, September 7, 2009

hikety hike

I'm my ward's High Adventure co-chair.
This summer I've planned hikes in the Salt Lake area for Tuesday nights after work.
It's turned out to be a great success.
Utah is so beautiful. It is remarkable to have mountains and a number of hikes just minutes from the city.
This last Tuesday we hiked The Living Room.
It was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't believe the view. And it's just minutes from my house. It overlooks the Salt Lake Valley---spotted with green trees and a perfect grid city.


Mandy said...

Weekly hikes?? Fun!! Love the pic of you and twin. You two are so gorgeous.

Megan said...

Ha, I'm glad you found me! Oh, and love these pics, by the way.

Holly C M said...

I hope you can tell me about where those hikes are--I want to do them someday when I have time. Way to go, Jane.

Kylie said...


Kylie said...
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