Thursday, September 24, 2009


+My So-Called Life has taken over my life. thanks hulu.

+Teen has been gone TOO long and is having TOO much fun in California.

+Kakie makes me laugh every time.

+If Martha Stewart doesn't get me fired up for Fall, then no one will. I'm peeing pumpkins.

+Maggie and apples are my two favorite things this week. And for almost the same reason---they are sweet, and the perfect addition to anything. (ya mags---you're like so good I want to dip you in laughing cow cheese. deal.)

+Finally saw Food Inc. Thinking long and hard about living close enough to a farm where I can purchase free range chickens and eggs. Also garden like my mom. And never purchase Tyson chicken.

+Starting to miss the sunlight.
but I think it's a even trade when I get to look forward to wearing
and layers

went link happy. only sorry for myself.

photo by willard the great


David said...

I think you should put chicken in your backyard.

Laura Hendricks said...

we have friends here in VA who have chickens who produce 4 dozen every day! so we got a huge bucket from them the other day full of brown's all eat these days. you that picture is soo cool of you. your i love it

Maggie said...

Well that works out because I've been waiting to be dipped in laughing cow swiss since August when my obsession with the stuff began.

I love you, and us, and our so-called-lives.

K8 said...

do you have a chocolate for a phone? me too!