Monday, December 22, 2008

Music Monday 14

I should have music-mondayed about these guys this summer when I started listening to them. But, with no further adieu... Cold War Kids. I don't know how to describe their sound. It's exciting and there is something demanding about it. Nathan Willett's voice is, I think, a little unconventional...the type of music that would be great to see live. Foot stomping, head nodding.
I don't belive I've expressed my love of Take Away Shows on my blog. Maybe I'll blog more on that later. But Oh boy do I love Take Away Shows. They are one of my top favorite discoveries of 2008. On one of my browsings on blogtheque I found a fantastic Cold War Kids video, when they sing Saint John I am smitten. I believe this ignited the fire for me with Cold War Kids. Songs to check out: "Hospital Beds", "We Used To Vacation", "Saint John", "Hang Me Up To Dry", and "I've Seen Enough"

Cheers to Cold War Kids and Take Away Shows


Livi said...

Good call. Cold War Kids are awesome. You have a great way with words in describing music.

Miss Paula said...

oh man! we're SO twinners (tell your "real" twin she'll have to step aside just this once!). saint john is the song that knocked m'socks off too! before that i was all: "pfft. cold war who?! kids these days." but now...oh now...lovin' it.