Monday, December 8, 2008

Music Monday 13 & A Few Good Men...

This happens to be a very fitting day to do Music Monday because in the mail today was 4 GLORIOUS mixes from my friend Livi AND I got my giveaway prize from Whale In A Cubicle: The Dears 7" single.

>Music Monday<
This week I decided to feature Taken By Trees
which is a solo project by Swedish singer Victoria Bergsman (I must have a thing for the Swedes). There is something about her voice that is so entrancing. You might recognize her pipes from that catchy Peter Bjorn and John song "Young Folks." Listen to "Lost and Found" on the album Open Field. This on one of those perfect along songs. You know...when you're driving in your car at night or walking alone downtown. this is the song that will make you feel warm and smile. >A Few Good Men<

That would be the adorable gingerbread men that Teen and I made yesterday. We were feeling all sorts of Christmas. A little Amy Grant in the background and some ginger to fill our noses, it was yum.


Meagan Briggs said...

those gingerbread are itty bitty!

Livi said...

I can't get over how cool your guys' Polaroids are!