Sunday, October 11, 2009

sometimes I do the right thing...

...and the right thing to do last night was see Old Crow Medicine Show at The Depot here in Salt Lake City.
We got to the show and I realized I had left my I.D. at home and my besties didn't even roll their eyes about having to drive back to get it.
We made it to the show 15 minutes or so after their first set started. Lucky for us they were playing two TWO sets.
Reasons to be obsessed:
1. I don't think I've seen anyone rock harder
2. They did their homework on Utah. Throwing in comments about Moab, Price, Wasatch, S.L.C., Deseret and on. It was great.
3. Nicest crowd I've been in. We had great front and center spots and didn't even have to do the heisman shuffle to get them.
4. A girl fight broke out (I know!!!! might seem contradictory to #3) and during the calmest, slowest song. The guy next to us says "I thought we were all in this together?" I did too, tall dark and handsome man, I did too.
5. No opening band, no long waits, no smoke in my face, no spilt beer on my clothes, a whiff or too of the marijuana---but that's "concert smell" right?
6. Listen to Wagon Wheel, Tell It to Me, and Caroline immediately
7. See them LIVE and in a small venue.


Maggie said...

I hate it when I meet the man of my dreams and don't get his joke until the next day.

Was he tall dark and handsome?... because I remember him being 5'7 and just my type... really really nice to meetcha! .....

Anyway, OCMS was the best with you.

(i'n a kakie) said...

The Depot is always always always always the right decision. How come they're the only place in this whole state that gets how to do things?