Monday, October 19, 2009

newest additions

Kristine came to visit me on Friday (okay, I bribed her with pumpkin fro yo from Maverick ---which deserves a whole new post for later---but she helped out a ton and I needed it)!
She let me boss her around and she snapped some pictures along the way.
bulletin board addition: a.k.a this took 2 seconds to put up!
newest addition: warm fuzzies. Thank you President Monson.
My favorite is when they come to me and say "Bobby* tied my shoe"
and I say "and how did that make you feel?"
response: "it made my heart warm and fuzzy"
gets me every time cause it's so funny.
Pattern Bugs addition: ab, abc, abcd, abba...remember??
Carmel apple at Garderner's village afterwards. always the right decision.

*not a real name, I's someone's name...obviously...just not one of my students. phew, glad we got that cleared up.


Kylie said...

oh my heck you are the cutest teacher alive

Kylie said...

oh my heck you are the cutest teacher alive

julieb said...

i love that your doing the warm fuzzy thing. its such a great idea. and your the cutest teacher

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

I'm so glad you're protecting the identity of your students! :-) you're the cutest teacher ever. I love the warm fuzzies. I wish I could come visit you!!! Love you Jane

Paige said...

We started a warm fuzzy jar at our house too. I love that you're doing it with your kids, I wish my kids could be in your class!

ps -- how long did that book really stay on your nightstand? I just picked up my copy from the library but I don't want to start it until I know I can ignore everything for a while. :)

mattb said...

i wish the warm and fuzzy jar would work with my 10th graders.

Laura Hendricks said...

so it sounds like school has been going good for you so far! i'm so glad! i bet it would be a fun job

Elizabeth said...

I love your boards! I wish I had the talent to make mine look as good :)