Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School // August

photo 8
/front of classroom/
On the whiteboard you'll see my Workshop pocket chart, some math stair steps and numbers, the daily schedule, and lots of alphabet books!
photo 7
I finally took the plunge and organized all my books this year into bins and labeled them. I am so glad I did and why did I take so long to do it? You can never have enough books and I would love about 100 more.
photo 6
We celebrated colors the first two weeks and did an art project every day. You can tell I ran out of space, but I think it looks fun.
photo 5
Ever since student teaching I've wanted Dr. Jean cds for my classroom and I finally bought one. I also bought these rockin guy which has a lot of great language arts songs. But Dr. Jean is amazing! I play about 4ish songs a day from that cd. It's the best! The kids sing along and it works excellent for transitions.
photo 4
>calendar and reading area<
I was handed that ugly stool the first year of teaching and it's worked just fine. This is where I do phonemic awareness and word wall words each morning, where I read books, and also do calendar. Sometimes I'll teach mini math lessons here with the whiteboard.
photo 3
We sing lots of songs at calendar. A song about the day, a song for the days of the week, months of the year, and poems for the money. They also graph the weather every day and there is a Dr. Jean song for that!
photo 2
>word wall<
I redid my word wall posters and I'm so glad I did cause last year's had faded pretty bad.
photo 1
Every day I select a King and Queen (boy and girl) from the class and we learn their name and we ask them a bunch of questions. Then they help me write a sentence about them and I add it to the wall. The painted letters were from an art project they did with the art teacher.
FAQ: "where is your favorite place to camp?" "what do you like to do outside?" "what's your favorite pillow pet creation?" "what's your favorite color/toy/animal/movie?"

August 2012

My 4th year of teaching has begun!
We are a few weeks in and I am really loving this class I have! They are so darling. I see really great times happening this year.


Rydog said...

You are such an amazing teacher. I am blown away with how creative your classroom is and all the wonderful learning techniques you use. DANG I wish Brinley could be your student!!! I want to check out that Dr. Jean cd now. We are HUGE fans of Raffi over in this house but I know Raffi is for a much younger age range than your students!

Love you jane.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

this is Meagan :-)

Kristine said...

i love seeing pics of your classroom! that bug art is money.

Amy Roper said...

I cannot believe you are beginning your 4th year of teaching! Time sure does fly! Your classroom looks great! Those are some lucky kiddos to be in your class! Best wishes for another successful year!

Lindsey said...

I would be so fun if you were Jordan's teacher! You're the bestest.