Sunday, September 2, 2012

LA day

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August 2012
L.A., California

We started at Sprinkles for cupcakes (Jen) and ice cream (Annie, Teen, and I). I couldn't believe myself...getting rich & fancy ice cream! and in the middle of the day too! It was well worth it though. And that cookie? come on! cereal and sea salt and oats in there.

Next was Santa Monica for shopping. Such a rad strip of stores.

Following some purchases we headed to Philippes for dinner. (was a suggestion Teen got by a friend who said "best french dip") We did not know what to expect, and kinda just went with it. Cool place, long lines, saw dust floors, long wood tables, and decent food. I liked those beets the best.

Lastly, we walked around the Venice canals and were so bummed we didn't get there before sunset. 

I rarely go to LA when I am visiting California, it's super bummer with all the traffic from one place to the next. But there is always a long list of things I want to do there, so we knocked a few of them down on this afternoon. We scored cause Jen got a babysitter and joined us which made me so happy.


Kristine said...

i love how you captured our day in LA. that was such a fun day, we really jam packed a lot in. next time you come we're doing the canals before sunset.

kylie said...

two things.

1 - your mama and me have the same shirt. awesome.

2 - LA. my hood! that shopping strip is awesome.