Sunday, September 23, 2012

13.1 for fall

Big Cottonwood half marathon

It was the prettiest run! Every second of it was full of fall views. I loved running with Maggie cause we talked the whole way and we have the same pace. The miles ticked by like I couldn't believe. My first full marathon is in St. George and it's just 2 weeks away! It made 13.1 miles seem not so bad.
I'm pretty sore in my calves though and I'm not sure if that's because we did the 4 mile hike the night before up Lamb's canyon or if it's from 13 miles of downhill from Big Cottonwood. 
Great time. I love the race energy.


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Go Jane!!!!! A marathon in 2 weeeeeks!??? Holy cow girl. That is so exciting. I have a friend here who is training for a marathon in November and she has been doing these crazy 13-18 mile runs on Saturdays and this past week she did 18 and I seriously died thinking about running for that long! I would love to do a half marathon. I'm not sure if I have enough guts to do a full, but I am so excited to start running again after this babe comes.

Good work Jane!! You and mags are so cute together in those pics! Glad you had a fun running partner through this experience!

jonny said...

First photo. You are Siamese twins. The OBVIOUSLY photoshopped guy over Jane's shoulder is the devil (likely listening to hip hop music), the guy over Maggie's shoulder is the angel (with white gloves as proof)

Maggie said...

Here ya go, boss. Go get 'em.

s.s. bazodi said...

Cool! Why do you guys look so pretty while running?!

Topsy said...

So cool! St. George marathon is a'll love it. I ran it during my BYUI days and I couldn't walk for a week afterwards. But you'll be different, I'm 100 percent positive.

Kristine said...

ya babes! proud of you two! go get em!