Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amber the movie girl

 2012-09-09 22.26.37
 2012-09-09 22.26.35
Amber turned the ripe age of 25 last week so we threw her a party. She's pretty easy cause she loves movies, movie theater candy, and popcorn. No problem!
But I just had to make letter sugar cookies. I had just purchased cookie cutters from amazon and I did frosting through a plastic condiment holder and it was perfect.

I love Amber. We've been roommates for close to 3 years now.

Things I love about Amber (for the record): 
her swim coachness
she's so good at jeopardy
such a good singer
appreciates good music in the car
big Beatles fan
high school history teacher
shops sale only
great at watching Breaking Bad with me
karaoke killer
raspy voice
very disciplined
her crush on Josh Brolin

Teen blogged about the party HERE.

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Maggie said...

like like love like love love like love love like like like.