Monday, September 10, 2012

Fair time!

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Utah State Fair 

Friday night was my first visit to the Utah State Fair. I didn't even mean to take this many of my Salt Lake living years, it just happened, slipped on by. Big regrets. 
The Pharaoh's Fury ride had us dieing laughing. And I ate 3/4 of that kettle corn bag myself, no problem. 

The iphone photos are not prime. It's too bad.

Look how cool my friend Melissa's are though. HERE.


Egan Metcalf said...

that was fun. but why didn't you post the crying lady picture!?

Maggie said...

Popcorn cheers! Are we best friends, or what?

David said...

Whenever I see the Ferris wheel at a county fair, I am struck by the fact that 24 hours earlier, it was in pieces on the back of a truck, and the guy who put it together most likely did not have a degree in mechanical engineering. Then I ask myself is the risk/reward ratio significant enough for me to participate.