Sunday, October 7, 2012

September '12 classroom

photo 1
Our art teacher came in and did this fall tree activity. They blew the paint around with straws and added warm colors for leaves. I love how they turned out. All so different.

photo 7
I used this art activity in a center. We were talking about friendship and getting to know each other a little better.

Picture 1
I have a goal to make more class books this year. (one from each language arts unit) We did this one on friendship. I put it on my bookshelf and they love looking through the class books.

Picture 2
Another class book for when we were reviewing the alphabet at the beginning of the year.

photo 10
little love notes

photo 9
The best drink that Egan introduced me to and a little flower. This one girl gives me a flower every single morning. But this one was a surprise from a sweet boy. 1st graders are so loving.


mattb said...

i totally drink perrier while teaching.

Holly C M said...

Your room is a special place--love it!

Lindsey said...

I wish Jordan could be in your class and you could tell me all about her and her school self. I bet the kids absolutely love you.

Kristine said...

you are an amazing teacher. i love seeing posts like this.