Thursday, October 18, 2012

October '12 classroom

photo 8
Our art teacher taught the first graders about primary colors by having them do Piet Mondrian inspired art.

photo 6
Look at these cuties! They loved the listening center I had with ipod nanos. It's the best to look over and see them smile or laugh about the book while they are listening.

photo 9
This looks like a mess. It's only cause so many first grader's AREN'T afraid of bats! Those purple bats were in an art center and they turned out pretty great.

photo 10

photo 1
Our art teacher taught us how to do these Frankensteins using inspiration from Pablo Picasso. They are so quirky and perfect.

photo 3

photo 2
I definitely loved teaching about healthy lifestyles. We made a book and I'm keeping my goal of a class book for each language arts unit.

Love notes. This one sweet girl makes something for me every night and I see it in her homework folder every morning. It's so adorable.

photo 4
And I'm done. Fall Break + my off-track begins NOW! 3 weeks of kicking back.


s.s. bazodi said...

LOVE the art projects...and the bat
with HUGE teeth!

Katelyn Foutch said...


Those kids are so lucky to have you! You are the coolest teacher I know! So happy you have a good break! Take it easy! xo-

Maggie said...

Those Frankensteins are bad. I want to cover our basement walls with them.

Kristine said...

i look forward to your classroom posts. i Love seeing what is going on there. those art pieces!!! coolest. picasso frankenstein. brillz!

also. i like off track jane best :) u look purty!