Sunday, October 28, 2012

Green Lake and a half

 photo 2
 photo 1
Seattle, WA
Green Lake

We walk Green Lake every time I come home. No matter the season. It's just a beautiful place with lots of energy. I love seeing the variety of people that are out walking the lake; moms with strollers, girlfriends with Starbucks, rollerbladers, couples, old ladies, bikers, speed walkers, dog walkers....

On this day our favorite sights were 
1. the group of 3 year olds gripping onto a rope together and their teacher teaching them spanish
2. this old asian couple on the grass playing bad mitten with no net. just passing. they were very good and very serious.

We loved that bad mitten playing couple so much we walked half the lake back just to see them again.

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Kristine said...

oh greenlake, i love you so. that top pic is Gorgeous!!! and you and mom little cuties.