Sunday, October 7, 2012

"may the course be with you"

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St. George, Utah Marathon
 26.2 miles
 time: 3:54

I did it and I loved it! I can't believe I still love running after months and miles and hours spent training. I get it now. I get the love people have for races and training. It's hard, but then it's also easy, and totally doable, but then really hard again. Sore muscles, tender knees, always hungry... it's all worth it. 
I was so impressed with St. George. It is a well organized race. A ton of support all along the way and lots of love at the finish. I wanted to kiss the guy on the mouth that said to me at mile 23 "you're doing awesome." He said it while looking straight in my eyes, all calm, while holding a bowl of orange slices. 
I am so glad I did it with Egan, Maggie, and Shayna. Even though we didn't run together I was so happy to have the support and understanding of friends. I highly recommend doing a marathon with someone you love. I totally love running alone, but it was huge for me to be able to do long Saturday training runs with someone and then meet at the finish line after 26.2 and feel so happy for each other. Also, Egan kindly forced me to drink diet coke and Maggie gave me an ice massage while I was experiencing a post race crash. It was like ZAP! no energy for like 30 minutes. They were heroes.
The weather couldn't have been better and we all walked away injury free. Shayna's parents fed us so well and were the best hosts for us. I am looking forward to letting my knees heal and getting back to my gym routine. Or maybe trying something new...


Maggie said...

That was probably my favorite line from a poster that I saw, too. We didn't even talk about that.

I loved running this race with you.

Maggie said...

That was probably my favorite line from a poster that I saw, too. We didn't even talk about that.

I loved running this race with you.

Egan Metcalf said...

Yes! Mine too! I really didn't look at posters but I saw that one.
Thanks for all the long sisterly runs.
I dont know if I could ever do one without friends!

julieb said...

Wow! Way to go! This is my new goal. Plus You look hotter then ever!

Holly C M said...

Proud of your achievement

The Crandallions said...

I saw that line too, it was fun to read a few signs and get brief distractions. Congratulations on your race! It was a great one to do for a first timer, but seriously, i don't think my quads could be anymore sore. You girls look awesome! Great job!

Megan Coffey said...

Wow, what an achievement. Congratulations!!

Kristine said...

i am so proud of you!! this is a huge deal!

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

YAY GOOD JOB and what a great time! my mother in law ran the same race in a little over 4 hours. so cool! ps do you have IT band issues? help me, i do too! and im running my first half marathon saturday! any tips?

jane said...

YOU ARE MY HERO! congrats day, maybe one day, i'll run a marathon.

way to go for all your hard work and training. it paid off!

p.s. Lovin' your new blog header

Lindsey said...

So proud of you Jane! Way to be.

heather said...

you're a rock star! seriously, amazing accomplishment. i couldn't do it. nice huss.

Auburn said...

So cool! Way to go lady. You rock. Love St. George.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

So proud of you Jane!!!!! Go girl!!!!!