Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I love movies as much as the next person, but honestly I don't watch them that much. I go to the theater for movies worth the $10, I rent them when I'm bummin it on a weekend night, and I rarely buy them unless they are classics in the $5 bin. The problem I've run into when I go to rent a movie or even buy one is-- what are the "classic"/"must-see" movies? I went to Blockbuster.com yesterday to check and see if 'Into the Wild' was released yet and stumbled upon 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. Jeepers Creepers I had a good time. They were divided by years so I went to the most present and then backwards. I started a list with movies I have not seen but have heard of, or heard great things about that I really want to see.
Here it goes...it's short but prone to grow.
Cry, the Beloved Country (read the book a year ago....A Must Read)
Hoop Dreams (The synopsis sold me)
Rain Man
The Untouchables
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
Once Upon a Time in the West (Watch the Arcade Fire music video 'My body is a cage' they use this movie)
The Graduate (Thank You Simon & Garfunkel)
Ben-Hur (Saw some of it when I was a kid with my parents)
North by Northwest (Anything for Cary Grant)

Okay...now this list is meant to be added on to...What Movies do you think I MUST see?


Maggie said...

Ok, the Junebug jokes are just a little TOO easy.

I'm just still laughing about the FIRST movie list you made this summer and how everyone who looked at it thought it was some kind of cohesive best of, or must see or classic movie list.

Hilarious. But yeah, I'll watch all of these movies with you.

Maggie said...

When I say summer.... I mean fall... just really excited to have summer stories already.

Jane said...

hahahahaha. I was actually thinking of that list when I created this one. People didn't understand that all I had was a list of movies that would give me an idea when I go to Blockbuster. Wild Hogs on the same list as Shawshank Redemption doesn't quite make sense!!!

KCannonM said...

great list. i hope you hit up the cute video store near jens. i love that cute lil couple.

Livi said...

Jane tthat is so cool! I want to see all those classic movies. Another classic: Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. My favorite thriller ever.