Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Music Monday 8

Coconut Records
Jason Schwartzman (I know what you're thinking...I'm thinking it too...he's very good looking:) )came out with a solo act in 2007 called Coconut Records with the album Nighttiming. You'll remember Jason Schwartzman from the band Phantom Planet and from movies like Rushmore, Marie Antoinette, and the recent The Darjeeling Limited. I just watched an interesting interview with him talking about this solo act and I find it all so fascinating. He got friends together to clap, laugh, sing, all for fun. He was creating an album that wasn't meant to be heard. So he just did what ever he wanted. I think that is the beauty of this simple album, is it isn't music that is dumbed down and morphed for a radio hit. Also super cool...he sends a Polaroid with each album purchase. Yes PLEase! It's just beautiful music with lots of genres in one. Please listen to "West Coast", you'll be happy you did.
The coolest guy in Hollywood? YES.


KCannonM said...

I luff him! i'll have to take a listen!

Dave said...

I met him 4 years ago when he was drummming for Ben Lee, after teh show I said "hey you did a good job in that one movie" and he said "hey thanks man..."
ps I learned how to play West Coast on the guitar... good song, even better video.

Livi said...

See Jane, this is why I am glad you are my friend. You help keep me cool.