Monday, January 14, 2008

Music Monday 7

I just finished reading Into the Wild which really drew me to feature my next artist for Music Monday...
Bon Iver. I just read this fascinating article on the man behind the artist name. Reading 'Into the Wild' has led me to ponder the effect of nature and the effect it has on people. There are individuals who find that they need to isolate themselves in the beauty of the world by leaving everything they know behind to be with-the-earth.
Take a read..."Justin Vernon moved to a remote cabin in the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin at the onset of winter. Tailing from the swirling breakup of his long time band, he escaped to the property and surrounded himself with simple work, quiet, and space. He lived there alone for three months, filling his days with wood splitting and other chores around the land. This special time slowly began feeding a bold, uninhibited new musical focus.This slowly evolved into days filled with twelve-hour recording blocks, breaking only for trips on the tractor into the pines to saw and haul firewood, or for frozen sunrises high up a deer stand. All of his personal trouble, lack of perspective, heartache, longing, love, loss and guilt that had been stock piled over the course of the past six years, was suddenly purged into the form of song. The end result is, For Emma, Forever Ago, a nine-song album comprised of what's been dubbed a striking debut by critics and fans alike. "
I suggest you take a listen, I enjoy "Skinny Love" myself. The article concludes "the record was created entirely by Vernon with nothing more than a few microphones and some aged recording equipment. This homemade aspect shows itself in sections as creaks and accidentals are exposed in the folds of the songs, but is hidden well by the highly impressive and almost orchestral sound that Vernon managed to produce by his lonesome, within the creaky skeleton of his father's cabin."
Pretty unique...I think you will like.

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Livi said...

THanks for your music suggestion about the gold pants :) Keep them coming you know of all the great underground music. I also like the DMC song you have on your blog.