Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A fairly new hobby of mine...but I'm really excited about it. I took my first jewelry class a week ago at OC Beads here in Orange County. I had so much fun. I came home and immediately went to work. I made the earrings for my mom and a bracelet for my sister. I keep dreaming about new designs and ideas. 


Annie said...

hook this sister up!

KCannonM said...

i love i love i love. you are so talented. it fits perfect. and i love the tag! keep up the good work.

Gospel Conversations said...

The earrings make me look dang cute. tee hee
They really are beautiful--beautiful colors and stones, and beautifully made.

holli hale said...

Hey Jane! I just jumped up inside blogworld, and with my keen googling skills I was able to find Kristine's blog and then link-a-link in a blink to yours! I find your blog both fun and informative. Hope the cali sun is treatin you good!


C+K said...

That is so fun. I have gotten into it as well and I love making earrings and bracelets. Very fun.