Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Seattle in January

January 21-28, 2013

It worked out perfectly to drive the rental car from Portland to Seattle. Easy 3 hour drive. I came home to a hot homemade dinner and my parents. Perfect.

Things we did over the week:
shopped at UVillage
reorganized my mom's cookbooks
downtown shopping and Pikes Place
saw Amour (don't see it, it's disturbing)
 cooked lots (check over HERE)
got pedicures and manicures
walked around Laurelhurst and Green Lake
s'mores and cookies and popcorn treats by the fire at night
met my Dad for lunch at the golf club
photobooth at Third Place Books
sorted through family photos because my mom is turning them into digital copies

 photo 1
 photo 2
 photo 11
 photo 3
 photo 10
 photo 4
We ate at Paseo Caribbean Restaurant in Ballard. which was a place we had heard great things about on the world wide web. Turns out, it's a little shack in Ballard with some outdoor benches and lots of people braving the cold for a dinner. My mom and I both got sandwiches, her's was pork, mine was alaskan cod. We looooved them. Can't wait to go back in the Summer and eat outside.
photo 5
photo 6
Walking around Green Lake my mom showed me this tree that had been cut down recently. This perfect flower heart there made me smile. Oh, Seattle.
photo 12
photo 13
photo 7
photo 8
photo 9
In Fremont we ate at a little place called Homegrown. The vibe is good in there, all local ingredients and freshly baked bread, but the sandwiches exceeded our expectations. Every bite we were like "ohhh wow, so good!"


Holly C M said...

I want you back right now! My life is often boring when I am poking around here by my lonesome. AND--you look like a tiny kid by all those pictures. Memories are bursting out of those photos!

Is it lunch time? Home grown, Paseo? Anyone?

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Ooooo mannnn this made me miss YOU and Holly! My second mother in Seattle! I love those Metcalfs. Love your braid.

Kristine said...

going home is Such a treat!! and i love that you guys discovered a few new places to eat! i especially love your photo strips and that last one of mom. love her.