Sunday, February 3, 2013

Portland // day 2 continued

Indian Beach, OR
January 20, 2013

Our cousin tipped us off about heading 2 miles up from Cannon Beach to Indian Beach, which is in Ecola State Park. MY oh my, what a sight! We hiked along the shore line and it felt like a dream. Lush, mossy, green goodness in there. We could have spent hours there. 
Egan and our trusty Kia rental. You should know that Egan loves a good car picture.
We were rolling at how creepy this picture was. Egan made me do it though.
photo 1
When we got back in to Portland we met back up with Jimmy and Lance. This is Egan and I waiting for the boys to open the gate for us. We took a nice walk around Pearl District to get dinner and then to the grocery store for cookie dough.
photo 2
Back at the boys' place we were watching tv and I may or may not have changed the channel to Oprah's next chapter. I almost lost it when Jimmy spread out the dish cloth, milk, and glasses, while Lance placed the freshly baked cookies down. Good form boys! I didn't make them watch Oprah for long, we watched a great ESPN 30 for 30 documentary to finish the night.

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Kristine said...

Take me there!! these pics are incredible.

i'm LOLing at the oprah show and cookies.