Friday, February 1, 2013

Portland // day 1

January 18-19, 2013
Egan and I cruised to Portland for a long weekend and it was the best thing we could have done. One of the good moves we did was get a rental car. That way we didn't burden anyone. We stayed at Egan's college best friend's house for a few nights and also bunked up at Lance and Jimmy's for a night. We were the luckiest to have such great and generous hosts. Libba's house is AMAZING and sits on Lake Oswego. Lance and Jimmy's apartment is in the Pearl District and ideal for walking out the door and exploring. Can I also add that Jimmy let us sleep in his bed made with freshly washed sheets. What a guy.

Friday: We landed and met the boys at the Whiskey Soda Lounge to chat and wait for our dinner reservation at Pok Pok, well known for it's Vietnamese fish sauce wings. I had a few wings and holy blessed mercy they were good. We did family style at Pok Pok and it was smart. I loved trying it all. HIGHLY recommended.

Saturday: Egan and I went on a run and were obsessed with the fresh air and snow-less streets. (utah is such a snore with all the inversion and slushy snow during the winter) We cleaned up and met Jimmy and Lance at their place and then walked out the door and up the street to Little Big Burger. Teen and my mom had been there in June so it was high on my list for places to eat. It was so tasty. The burgers are little and the fries are sharable. Egan and I each got a hamburger and split a veggie burger. EAT here.

We walked around the pearl district making stops at Jack Spade and Powell's book store. We then cruised to the Nike employee store. Both Jimmy and Lance work at Nike and they obviously had no qualms about making a shopping trip there.
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We were getting snacky so we headed to the alphabet district. It was so foggy and cozy there. Plenty of fun shops and places to eat. I'd love to spend more time there. We went to Salt & Straw to try their ice cream. We shared this sampler thing and it was the perfect portion for a pre-dinner snack. The flavors are all very unique, but I'm confident you can't go wrong. TRY this place. 
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After, we walked around to a few more stores, one of which was a hat store that caught our eye. It was very classy and lots of Downton Abbey ish hats. Lance ended up buying the one he tried on and the steaming and fitting was quite the process. Good stuff.
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We knew it would be a long wait for dinner so we headed over to Ken's Artisan Pizza and waited awhile. But no sweat cause it was WELL worth it! We did family style again and do I dare pizza I've ever had? Do I dare? Top 3 best I've ever had is the safe thing to say. GO there.
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All in a days work.

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Kristine said...

I AM DYING! i loved this post so much. get me to portland ASAP. those boys.. dream hosts. and for real portland has the best food! great documentation too janer!