Sunday, February 3, 2013

Portland // day 2

Cannon Beach, OR
January 20, 2013

One of the places Egan and I knew we wanted to go was Cannon beach. We grew up going to Cannon beach and camping there so we already knew we loved it. After breakfast with Libba we made a stop at Whole Foods for snacks and then cruised the hour+ drive to the beach. It was a beautiful drive. Once we arrived we found our way down to the beach and it was instantly refreshing and nostalgic. Fresh ocean air....what a gift. There were lots of couples and families out on the beach and it was a great way to spend our Sunday. We were loving this day.

We came back to the car and snacked while listening to the football game (San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons). Snacks were some yogurt, bread with olive oil + balsamic vinegar, corn nuts mix, apples, carrots and celery. And then we headed off to a Indian beach. More of that to come in the next post.
 photo 1
 photo 2
 photo 3
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whitney said...

Oooh, I really love these foggy pictures. So cooool!

Kristine said...

i LOVE cannon beach! what a good day. great pics too jane!

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

i LOVE cannon beach! man beautiful photos. love love love portland area. and you and your sis have the BEST hair. yours is so long and gorgeous and hers has the best beach wave ever, im jealous!

core said...

these shots are unreal. you're a natural. you kill it every time. you. are. a. photographyer. and a teacher. and a mormon. ha. you're just whatever you wanna be. the end. lets go on a trip.