Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prez Day in St. George

Saturday //
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Sunday //
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Presidents Day Weekend
St. George, UT

We had our condo open up for Prez Day weekend so Egan and I jumped at the chance. My roommates came and same with Courtney. 
Friday //
First things first---Cafe Rio in Cedar City
Then we got way cozy and watched 500 Days of Summer

Saturday //
I went on a run and it felt amazing. Running outside...gimme!
Egan rode her bike.
All the rest of the girls went to Vegas for a shopping trip.
The rest of the day Egan and I went to my nieces soccer games (her team won both games!) and we went to Snow Canyon with Stacie and Clay. We couldn't get over the weather.
Dinner was at El Coyote and hot tub time after.

Sunday //
Went to Church. 
Ate breakfast outside in the sun at Xeteva which was delicious and a must-go-to in St. George
We hiked around some more in Snow Canyon
Dinner at Cafe Rio in Cedar City (and the circle completes) 


s.s. bazodi said...

Three day weekends!! Love them. Those red rocks are beautiful!

kate said...

SUNSHINE! i can almost feel the feeling of laying in the sun on that red red rock. one of my favorite things on earth.

Kristine said...

this weekend looks so perfect!! st george is the best. and what a group of girls. love em.

pretty pics

Egan Metcalf said...

gimme dat weekend back. you're a cutie in black. we were making eyes, did you get it? :)

Maggie said...

Are those some best friends or what?

Lindsey said...

Love all these pictures. Such pretty girls.

Anonymous said...

I'm depressed now.

kylie said...


you have the PERFECT nike body. you could totally do their nike training workout vids. so hot.

you sell it, girl.