Saturday, November 20, 2010

one more makes four

Why do I see Ghostland Observatory any chance I get?
If you saw how he danced(minute 3:30 till the end) you wouldn't ask that question.

Seattle 2009
Salt Lake City 2008
Rexburg ID 2007 big emphasis on minute :28. Please watch. I'm real proud. If you were at this show you know what an incredible night that was.


Ryan and Meagan said...

Definitely one of the BEST shows of my life. And ahem...didn't we try to get you hooked up with the guitar player??? I seriously crave those wild Rexburg days sometimes when I'm all wrapped up in my mom duties. I think, if only Brinley knew what a wild child I was!!! hahahaha

I got Ryan into them too. We love to rock out together now on roadtrips!

Love you and can't wait to hear how great they were.

Audge said...

loved that rexburg show. loved that SLC show. have to go to another show asap

Audge said...

audge=laura hendricks.

My Mind on Design said...

yes! we just saw them in la as well! the lazer show is even more amazing than last years! Glad you still love them as much as we do!