Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey Hey Hey Rich Man...whatchu talkin about?!

What: Ghostland Observatory
Where: SLC, Utah at The Venue
When: Last night (Thursday)

It just happened! The best show everrrrr. We loaded up a car of friends drove, down to SLC and saw Ghostland Observatory. I had seen them in Rexburg two summers ago and was love struck. We decided to make the road trip to see them and it was worth every penny of that $15.50 plus tax! Aaron and Thomas of Ghostland know how to get people moving. They made a shout out to all the Rexburg people! I screamed like a little school girl. They really love their fan base of Rexburg, ID. I danced like no one was watching and my favorite part of the night was seeing Kristine and my friends Maggie and Willard get on stage to dance. I've never been prouder. I'll be smiling for awhile now thinking of the delicousness of those braids, beats, and dance moves brought to you by Ghostland Observatory.


em said...

why! why! why!!!! WHY did I decide not to attend! oh yeah... SS. :)

Jane said...

i am still FREAKING out.

best night of summer 08

Maggie said...

Come on jane... you were up there too!! Don't be modest.

Proxy counts.

holli hale said...

looks like it was a dream!!! uhhhh.... jealous.

Meagan said...


Geez But, I did get Ryan to like Ghostland.

Mandy said...

looks sooo fun! let's hang out this week!! seriously. anytime. any place.

Holly C M said...

I've never been "prouder" either.