Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer O'ate

On a cold, snowy Monday morning, Summer slipped into a deep dark sleep and would never wake up again. She was a sweet Goldfish that was purchased by a roommate who had intentions of killing her for a project in her communications class. After convincing her that animals should not be harmed/killed for school projects we stole the fish and gave it to our friend Willard for his birthday. Summer O'ate, was a good goldfish. She may have been deprived of fish food, but instead was treated to Organic Chedder Bunnies. Though the cause of death is unknown, it is certainly not from lack of love from her owner, Willard Cron. He loved her and cared for her. The funeral services were held late Monday night. Last words were spoken, memories said, and harmonica played. R.I.P.


Kristine said...

i'm still a little teary.

i really like the dress that willy made for Summer. She looked really cute.

Livi said...

haha I love that you're all wearing black. Dead fish are saad. It looks like you guys are having a beyond awesome last summer (even though the fish died)

Holly C M said...

Are you all lacking for sad drama in your world?