Tuesday, November 2, 2010


(obviously my favorite page in the book)

He did again.
Dallas Clayton came out with a new book and it's really something.
Please read the book here.
and watch the video too. you will smile.
and purchase it!

remember how he came to visit my 1st grade class?
and how I asked him to be my valentine?


Corine said...

Oh Jane, Preston and I are only SO in love with this. Is it dumb to want to cry when you read a kids book? So beautiful! thanks for sharing!!

brooke said...

dallas! his poems steal my heart every time. once, i emailed him saying something along those lines and sent him a link to a youtube video i thought he would think was funny. i was pretty sure we were going to start an internet relationship and then date after that.

Kristine said...

i have goosebumps! that is such a sweet book. i've gotta own that. i really love his illustrations too.

invite him back to your classroom!!!