Thursday, November 18, 2010

"i'm on the phone"

i have this student.
she spent the greater part of the afternoon with her bookmark pressed up against her ear and her shoulder pushed up to keep it there---a bookmark phone!
as she was working she kept it there like that and giggled and had a fake little conversation. she even told the person next to her to be quiet cause she's on the phone.
"i know it's like..."
"ya, hang on"

it really was too awesome to have her stop.

do you remember acting like your mom on the phone? it felt so busy and important.
it reminds me of this video.


Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

Haha that video! Have you seen the Christmas tree one? That is always a holiday favorite of the brazier girls.

jane said...

that is too funny. i wouldn't be able to stop her either!

Kristine said...

soo funnny.

and thank you for reminding me of that video!

Holly C M said...

Jane, was I that bad?