Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We made this easy Lentil Vegetable Stew on Sunday.

First off, the word 'stew' is not my favorite. In fact, I'd rather not use it or hear it.

Second off, it definitely was easy and tasty too!

Third off, it makes a ton and winningly is excellent as a leftover.


Holly C M said...

Do you remember the guy in our ward whose name was Stu Mayo? Ha-ha --two food words for his name.
And, Stew is your dad's favorite meal. FYI

Kristine said...

kimberly looks so cozy and pretty as usual.

and the stew/soup looks delisH!

megan said...

we totally made this last night and it was so very delicious. thankssss for sharing.

Kylie said...

come cook me food

Teija in PDX said...

Stew's fabulous! I'm always inspired by your recipes. Thanks.