Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well, I think that I have found myself out on the floor

I've seen them in Rexburg, ID...epic
I've seen them in Salt Lake City, UT...epicer
And now I've seen them in Seattle, WA...epicist
I'd see them a thousand times over
Ghostland Observatory knows a good show.

I have GOT to start smiling with my teeth. What has gotten into me?

The lazors are a nice touch.
See for yourself:


Laura Hendricks said...

and i think that we have lost ourselves forever more. oh ya aha ah ah aaaaa. i LOVE them. and i want to see them again asap.

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Ghostland! and remember we were trying to get you hooked up with that opening bands guitar player!? Love you!

Crandallions said...

ryan and i are going to see them in two weeks and I am counting down the days. there's nothing like a high-energy ghostland show especially when the keyboardist wears a cape :)