Sunday, November 1, 2009

let the festivities begin

I flew into Seattle this morning. It is the perfect fall day; crisp, colorful, and a light sweater.

You know what else is perfect?
Cooking with my mom.

Shortly after setting my suitcase down we got to business in the kitchen.
+Sweet Potato Biscuits
+Healthy Chocolate Pudding (we made into ice cream)---big gigantic thanks to Shauna's mom for this recipe
+Pork Chops---all mom
+Roasted Fall Vegetables---"parsnips are the new butternut squash" my mom says
And my mom gave me this sweet caramel apple she made yesterday with homemade caramel (knock out)
Can you believe I did this through a fast.

do you kinda/sorta hate how many mac photobooth pictures i've been posting?


Kristine said...


Bethany'sBazodi said...

so jel.
I heart mac photobooth...grainy quality but less hassle!

Auburn said...

i quite enjoy the mac photobooth pictures acutally. I should try using that myself?!?

Katelyn said...


your mom is amazing.