Monday, November 17, 2008

Music Monday 12 & A Birthday

Really into Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band. I've been listening to a lot of NPR All Songs Considered lately, and last week they had a live concert with these guys. I can't get enough of "Nikorette." Check it! You'll recognize Conor Oberst from his band Bright Eyes, but for this album he has used a different backing band, hence the different name. To me it's all the same...Conor Oberst's voice is a little like ear candy.My "Best Friend Forever", Saylor-oosque has a birthday today. I love this girl to pieces. She is such a girlfriend and loves baking, nail painting, laying out at the beach, giggling, playing house. I really can't ever get enough of her. Can't wait to see her for Christmas.


Livi said...

Could Sayler get any cuter? HOw old is she?

Annie P said...

She is so cute. But we need an updated picture of her new hair do.

Kristine said...

i'm enjoying him too. i sure love that you find all the good music. cause i benefit!

and i love saylor more then words can express.