Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last Day

Student Teaching...Check!

Every morning they answer a Yes/No question. This was their question today. They answered it correctly!!! haha

I can't believe I'm done!!! Hooray. Today was my last day of student teaching, therefore, my last day of college. It feels great. I really lucked out with my student teaching experience. I was put in a great school with an excellent teacher. First grade is so fun, they learn so much and they are so loving. I finally feel like it is possible, that I can actually be a teacher.

Today my class suprised me with an adorable book. The ABC's of Student Teaching. I wish I could show you every page. It is so cute with pictures of the class and me teaching and full of memories. I will cherish it forever. I was also given many hugs and cards and "I'll miss yous." Boy, they are sweet kids.Lots and Lots of cute cards and notes!
Group hug!!!! There were tears shed...see that boy on the right of the picture. Crying.


Annie P said...

First - LOVE that necklace on the etsy.

Cute present from your teacher. That is so nice. Congrats on finishing. That is a big accomplishment.

Livi said...

JANE! Oh my goodness that picture of you and all the little kids made ME want to cry. They will miss you and your soft skin for sure. :)

Holly C M said...

Such a cute pic, great question for the last day, and big accomplishment Jane. I'm proud of you.