Monday, November 3, 2008

Music Monday 10

It's BaAck! Music Monday is making a comeback. Enjoy.

Fleet Foxes are a Seattle based band (woop woop) who have caught my ear since earlier this summer. I can't resist their artwork on their album covers. So cool. Check out their song "Blue Ridge Mountians." I also adore their "White Winter Hymnal."

Phosphorescent is a one-man band I saw in L.A. when he opened for Bon Iver. I really liked Matthew Houck's mix of Iron & Wine/Bon Iver/Neil Young esque tone. Check out Phosphorescent's song "Wolves." You'll be glad you did!


Maggie said...

YES!! Music Monday is back!!

Those two Fleet Foxes songs are my fav too. Love some Seattle bands. I'll have to get on downloading that other stuff... sounds dreamy.

Livi said...

I love your savvy musicness. Keeps me updated.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

ha ha is Netherlandish Proverbs their album cover?