Saturday, November 1, 2008

Girl, Lets Talk

I found out a month ago that Girl Talk was coming to the Great Salt Lake and I've been daydreaming about going since. Well, the day finally came. At around 8:30 that night Teen and I decided to just Do it, hopped in the car and made it right when he started his set. It was the coolest show. He played at The Venue and the place was packed. The stage was exploding with people. See that guy in the black shirt with frosted hair? Ya, he had to hold the speakers and table down.

Probably the craziest dance mixing ever everrr.

We were sweaty wetty.

At the show we met up with some California friends and did a little after party dancing.

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Livi said...

WOW I wish I was in UT so I could go to all these fun shows with you guys!